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Welcome to the JÖRG PLICKAT Website. You will find information about the work of the German sculptor Jörg Plickat on the following pages

Jörg Plickat works freelanced since 1980. He was presented on several European Art Fairs and more than 250 Exhibitions in many parts of the world. More than 60 monumental works of Jörg Plickat are installed in public area or in churches, mostly in the North of Germany, but also in Spain, Italy, France, Montenegro, Turkey, Mexico, Japan and China. Jörg Plickat received many prizes and awards for his works. 2006 he got an Outstanding award for his proposal for the sculpture for the Olympic park in Beijing,  2007 the work was carved from a 25 ton block of Chinese marble .

Jörg Plickat is coming from the figurative sculpture. This might be surprising on the first view, but if you study his works longer you will refind in his sculptures the human proportions.  After Academy he studied intensivly the figurative sculpture for some years, from there he started his way to his reduced formal language  that makes his works so typical.

Jörg Plickat is developing sculptural projects for cities, communities and  companies, he  consults architects. One of his special areas is the work with modern sculpture in the cultural heritage protected area in coresspondence with the cultural heritage. In Hamburg, Braunschweig, Kiel und Gettorf  Jörg Plickat created in a permanent dialogue with art historians and the offices of heritage protection sculptures in relation to the specific historical surrounding.

Jörg Plickat works in stone steel and bronce. He is realising his compositions in this different materials.   According to his philosophy to be intellectual creator and high scilled worker Plickat is even realising monumental works himself in his big studio.  Plickat received as well for his works in stone as well for his metall sculptures highest international acceptance.

The Goethe-Institut, the Federal Republic of Germany´s cultural institution about Jörg Plickat in its information about Sculpture in Germany  : Jörg Plickat (b. 1954) creates sculpture in stone, steel, and bronze. He lives in Hamburg and Bredenbek(Schleswig-Holstein, and studied at the Muthesius School in Kiel. The intellectual aspect of Plickat´s sculpture involves the impact of relationships between volume, material, situation, and light and shade. His simplified geometrical formal language is comprehensible worldwide, unifying both intimacy and monumentality “       

On this Site you will find some information. If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us

above Cultural award Fines Almeria Spain 1999            down Touch Monument for the Blind Central station  Kiel 2003

Sculpture at the tomb of Genghis Khans 2009 Ordos Inner Mongolia

Nordart 2010

Arbon Switzerland 2010

Berlin Wannsee  2010

Park of the New Orleans Museum of Art   Lousiana    USA  2010


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