JÖRG PLICKAT  Public Monuments

Wege red Granite H270cm  L 420cm  and landscape architecture  Local Road administration Hohenweststedt Germany

Matthias Claudius Memorial red Granite H370 and landscape architecture Reinfeld near Hamburg 1989

Olympic Monument 2008 chinese Marble Olympic Park Beijing

Helix 2000 painted steel  8,6 m Sculpture´s promenade  Neustadt in Hostein, Germany

Dialogue  Vanga Granite H 660 cm  Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel  1996

tastmal! Touch monument Kiel 2003 Bronce H250 Kiel  Central station

The Kiel Touch Monument was develloped with the support of the local Organisation of the Blinds and Visually handica- ped. It is integrated into the mark system of the station for blind people, so that it can be found withour help

Dithmarscher Stele Diabas h 5,6m Itzehoe

Porta di Sole  Travertine H 2,5m Piazza della Pace Terni Italy

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